Bold and Italic Options


We’ve had a few instances where, despite the audio and action icons, our clients have trouble following the storyboard text beneath each thumbnail. I even find myself getting mixed up occasionally. So these days, we have started editing the PDF after exporting to bold or italicize the different text blocks to make them appear different. It would be really useful if there were bold, italicize, and underline options within Boords for the text input fields.

Thanks for listening!


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this!

Are you referring specifically to PDF exports here?

At the moment, it’s possible to add bold/italic text with Markdown - but this is applied only to comments and the sharing link. This article should explain a little more about how it works :blush:

This is happening to me while navigating the storyboard now that we are trying out the mutiple field options. We added two fields, so we have five: one for ‘label’, one for voice-over in German, one for actions in German, one for voice-over in English and the last one for actions in English. And just working around in the storyboard has become somewhat more taxing to my brain as the the fields could use a bit more differentiation.

The option to either make them bold or italic for when working in the frames and also, for exporting when PDF could be handy yes. And I think further differentiation could be even better, like making say the background of the first field is white, the next field alight grey, then white again, etc.


Thanks for your input @zavorio!