Early access to custom notes!

We’re working on new custom note fields at the moment, which means that soon you’ll be able to add to the current Label, Sound & Action fields. Before it goes live, we’d really love to hear your thoughts!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out early access to give it a try. Interested? Pop your email address in the comments and we’ll get you set up.

@karen this is great, in my team we work with multiple languages. We need to send the storyboards for the clients most of the time in either German, French or Italian. So far we’ve had to keep the ‘Actions’ in English for all the animation team to check in the Label field and hide it when exporting as PDF. This has been OK but it would be great to actually be able to use the Label field again and have more room for say, having always a separate field for the English translation of the voice-over as well as the actions.

I am definitely interested in trying it out: admin@cleverclip.ch

Delighted to hear that this will be useful for you guys! I’ll contact you in a few days when it’s ready for testing. Thanks for getting involved :blush:

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@zavorio You’re all set up now!

Click the Storyboard Settings icon above your board to get going:

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@karen did a quick test on a dummy storyboard and there seems to be a problem with exporting to PDF. I first noticed I cannot turn off each new field when exporting, which is OK.

But I tried exporting as PDF and in it, the text is overlapping the icons now (see image below). I turned off the new fields and tried exporting again but the overlapping still happens. This doesn’t happen in brand new storyboards where I didn’t turn on any new fiedls nor in old storyboards where I don’t turn on any new fields. I’m in Firefox, macOS Mojave.

Wait, I just noticed the overlap happens when you turn off ‘Show sound and actions icons’. If I do that, the icons are not turned off and the overlapping happens. But I also noticed this is not specific to a brand new storyboard with new fields turned on, but is also happening in old storyboard if I turn off ‘Show sound and actions icons’.

@karen I would say besides the icon overlap (which is not unique to this feature), it seems to work fine. It would be ideal to be able to turn off fields when exporting to PDF, we don’t want our German-speaking clients to see instructions in any other language.

In the meantime I realize there is a workaround turning fields off before exporting, as the copy is still preserved even when turned off which is very handy.

Thank you @zavorio - I’ve just sent you a DM!