Releasing the Idea, "Imagination to Script?"

I read,
“there’s no embarrassment asking for help.”
I carry that instinctive gene called imagination. That imprints “VERY” spontaneous, off the wall, and miles outside the box thoughts. The, “For my entertainment only” shows.
Having creative ADD, or overactive imagination, I scene every impulsive thought that spurts through my mind. All genre’s Comedy, Drama, Romance, Action, Sci-fi and Horror.
That spark of creation that comes through during a life moment or re-creatively mirroring from another writers product. I have area’s that lack in my screenwriter career,

  1. Writing
  2. Writing
  3. Writing
    Oh and
  4. Completed Writing.
    :thinking: Is it possible to get out of my head the scene[s] and put to format to be called a “SCRIPT?”
    At 53 my untreated ADD and me haven’t disciplined to focus this possibility.