Still-o-matic VS Animatic

OK, so at my workplace we are trying to really start using the same terminology for everything. We work mostly for Swiss (German-side) clients, but also German and UK ones every now and then. And the team is literally from all over the globe.

Recently a co-worker from Poland who has had a lot of experience in studios of different sizes introduced the idea of an still-o-matic to the project managers and they became big fans of the word. He introduced it as a rough cut of the storyboard with sound, basically what is more commonly known as an animatic.

In my entire work career I had never heard that term (still-o-matic), and what he described was basically what I’ve always called and animatic at all my previous workplaces (or blogs I read, making-of I watched, etc). He told me that for him, animatics are higher fidelity still-o-matics: more suggestions of actual camera movements, details in the motion of the movement of characters and objects, more detail to sound FX, etc.

I thought that perhaps this word is more widely used in Europe, but I can’t find any additional references besides this website, which is Australian so it doesn’t help me that much

So, my questions is: have you ever heard this still-o-matic ( or stillomatic) term? And if you have, has it been used to differentiate it from an animatic or used interchangeably with animatic?