Add time field to frames

Add a numeric field for each frame that represents the time we expect this frame to take in the finished video. This would give reviewers a better feel for each frame.

Use this time as the default duration for the animatic version.


Hey Marc, thanks for your feedback!

Have you considered using a custom note field for the timing of each frame?

Of course, this wouldn’t automatically translate to the animatic but it could be a starting point for you.

Great idea! That definitely works and provides a nice solution.

Hopefully the dev team will consider creating a formal “duration” field as a first class element, meaning it could be enforced as a numeric, have assigned units (seconds, minutes, frames), sum automatically to show the current total duration of the story, and finally translate automatically into the animated version clip length.

We are really liking what we have seen after only one day as a Boords user! My hope is you have an active dev team pushing out frequent updates implementing new features!


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