👨🏻‍✈️ All a-Boord the Intro Train

In the spirit of getting to know each other, we’d like to kick off the introductions!

At the moment, our team is a small one with just four of us working full-time on Boords. Over the next few days, we’ll be popping in to share a little about ourselves.

We’d absolutely love to hear from you too - tell us who you are, what you do and what really makes you tick!



I head up a small animation studio in the South West of the United Kingdom, Stormy Studio. We produced videos for businesses with a good level of polish using a mix of 2D and 3D visuals. Plus we’re doing a little more filming to compliment the animation skills.

Every now and then a project comes along with a bit more creative freedom and we get to work up some more unique and creative ideas. We had a great project recently with Charlotte Church that allowed us to mix some creative filming, traditional animation, VFX and 3D camera tracking.

Today there are just 3 of us in the studio and we’re mainly eating Rich tea biscuits.

We scale the team up depending on the projects at hand. The busiest we’ve been, was last Summer when we had 16 designers/animators working on a variety of projects at the same time.

It’s my own business and I’m always trying to strike a balance between producing cool work, for cool clients that we can be proud to work with whilst having free time for our own projects and a little r&d.

I’m currently a little indecisive about whether to spend money to attempt to grow the business and number of projects vs keeping the business suitably small and more bespoke.


Hello. I’m a writer-producer of corporate e-learning videos. Mine is a global company headquartered in Japan, and I work at the US office in the Los Angeles region.

Our videos are generally straightforward, but having Boords to show story flow and camera movements to the DP’s, animators, and editors we work with is extremely useful.

Having the storyboard as a blueprint has allowed me to hire people who work remotely, such as mograf specialists, animators, and editors. This lets me hire based on skillsets and talents needed for the project, rather than geographic convenience.


I’m Karen :wave:

I’ve been with Boords as a Customer Support Specialist for almost two years now. If you’ve been in touch with us within that time, there’s a good chance we’ve chatted!

I’m originally from Ireland - but at the moment I live in a small ski town in the Bulgarian mountains. I love to travel, drink nice coffee and have recently become completely hooked on scuba diving.


It looks amazing where you currently live! Are you able to travel while working at Boords? Like a digital nomad? :slight_smile:

Hey everyone! I live in Derby in the middle of England, UK.

I’m an independent animator and illustrator and make my living mainly from explainer animations. Recently I’ve been focusing on animations for environmental causes and awareness.

Character animation and rigging in After Effects is an interest of mine and I’m doing a couple of talks about it at the Adobe After Effects World Conference this July.

I’m a fan and long time user of Boords and was excited to be included in a case study not long ago https://mairperkins.co.uk/boords-case-study-on-my-business/. I use it for every project and it’s made my work life a lot easier haha!


Heya everyone!

I work for Boords as a developer, which means I help build new features for the app, remove any bugs that might have appeared, and try to make the app as smooth as possible :slight_smile:

I’m originally from the Netherlands, but I’m currently based in Hastings, UK. In my spare time I like to walk around in town, go to the beach, attempt to make music, or be amused by seagulls.


Hi everyone!

Thanks a lot for the invitation to this Boords users community.

My name is Adrián Kemelmajer and I’m head of creative services at Amblagar Studio, an illustration, design, animation, and video games studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We are a team of 8, amongst designers, illustrators and animators, and with a network of comic artists, copywriters, producers, and developers. As a part of almost every new project, we always explore new techniques and software, strive to improve our workflow and look for extending our partnerships worldwide.

We started using Boords some time ago for every project that involved telling a story. That includes video games cinematics, motion graphics explainers, short and long-form animations, and even HTML banners. Being able to share online any given sequence of images, explaining the actions and transitions, adding sound cues, and providing our clients the ability of quickly commenting on each frame, have been superpowers that we always promote as a plus in our services.

The ability to create online storyboards has given us an amazing fluidity in the collaborative process with our creative partners –producers, copywriters, and agencies. We have even spread the enthusiasm for this tool to our associated agency in Australia, BBE, and our animation projects for Medibank and other clients all start in Boords.

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Thanks Mair! Boords is fully remote - so as long as the internet is stable, we’re happy :blush:

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Hello! I’m James, one of the founders of Boords. I’m based in London, where in addition to running Boords I’m one of the co-founders of animation production company Animade. Really looking forward to hearing from the community of amazing people who use Boords!


:clap: We’re big fans of your work