Animatic changes timing when adding new frames

Hello Boords Community,

I am unsure if perhaps I am adding frames wrong but I noticed that each time I add frames the whole Animatic changes timing.
I usually start with just one sequence so I don’t have so many images to move around. Then once I am happy with the timing of the images in a sequence, I add in more more frames towards the end for the next sequence. But this affects the first set of images from my first sequence.

Can someone please advice on how the Boords animatic works or direct me to an in-depth tutorial? And is there a way to move multiple frames across the timeline at the same time?

Your advice is much appreciated. Thank you!

edit: I found out what was causing the audio to not sync. Boords was automatically moving my frames to “match” the audio length. Is there an option for me to stop Boords from doing this? I cannot just remove the audio file as I am using the audio as guide.

Animatic duration is currently set by the length of the uploaded audio file. To manually set the duration of the animatic, please remove the audio file.

Heads up! There is a mismatch between the length of your sound file and the durations of your frames, which Boords could not fix automatically. This can lead to unexpected issues (for example a broken MP4 Export)

You can fix this automatically by redistributing the frames

Hey @misfit, I’ve sent you a message!

Hi Karen! Thank you for the advice on the Boords Facebook Website. :slight_smile:
Should I copy paste the convo here to help others having the same problem?

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No worries, I’ll pop it in here!

Unfortunately, if additional frames are added to a storyboard after working on the animatic (i.e. syncing the audio), it can affect the original timings that were set. For the most part, the workflow would be to create the storyboard first with all frames included. Then, when the storyboard is finalised (after receiving feedback etc.), you’d move on to the animatic (adding the sound and syncing it to frames). This is the workflow that we’d recommend for best results in Boords. I totally see how this would be a frustrating experience for you in this case and I’m really sorry about that. I’ll make a note of your situation here and will bring it up to the rest of the team to chat through for future updates.