Animatic timing issue

Hi everyone,

I’m having a persistent problem with the timing of frames in the downloaded version of an animatic I’m working on. Basically the timing of the frame changes in the mp4 of the animatic doesn’t match the timing of the frames in the Boords animatic editor.

In the first 35 seconds/10 frames of the mp4 animatic, the timing appears to be good. But after that the frames start to change earlier than they’re supposed to.

Does anyone have any suggestions? The total project is around 3 minutes / 70 frames. Would reducing the total number of frames maybe help this?



Hey Bryce!

My apologies again that you’re having trouble with this.

We’re not totally sure whether the timing of your animatic could be having an effect here. Could you please send me the MP4 file as well as the link to the animatic so that we can take a look into it? You can send it to

Thanks a lot!