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Do you have any tips that you think might help other Boords users?

We’ve mentioned some of our favourites in the Tips & Tricks section, but we’d love to hear yours too! Comment your Boords tips below to be in with a chance to win some adorable Boords merch :heart:

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I can’t draw my way out of a paper bag. So I use photoshop to create thumbnail images for the scripts I write and produce.

I create a 1920x1080 PSD file to match the size of my HD video output.
I make a layer in the PSD for each scene’s thumbnail. My photoshop skils are ok-not-great, but it’s sufficient to get my point across.
When we use still images as B roll, I give the PSD to my video editor, and he’ll polish my work, rather than restarting from zero.


I made this Photoshop doc with some 1080x1920 artboards set up and ready to sketch on. Anyone esle is welcome to download it and use it.
It’s saved me a little bit of time in the SB process :smiley: Just export them and upload to Boords when done!


@mairperkins @elzapato

Thank you so much for sharing your tips! We’d love to send you both some Boords goodies :blush: Could you shoot us a private message with the address of where we should send them to?