How are you using Boords?

A lovely Boords user recently got in touch to let us know that their team had found some new uses - separate from storyboarding! They’ve been using the app to share casting headshots/options, locations and props.

Here’s what Damian from Redolution said about their new workflow:

For the casting use, we essentially use the image frame for the headshot of the actor/actress and then use the first field (number) for their name, the audio field for the agency they are from and the action field for what they would cost. Then we share that with the client and they can choose their preferred options and even comment if the selection isn’t quite what they had in mind.

Do you use Boords for something other than storyboarding?

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That’s really neat! I’m trying to think of non-storyboarding uses now :thinking:

Maybe a way to share voiceover artists combining audio from the animatic feature?