Place for General Project Notes

Hi, quite a lot of the feedback we get from clients is general (e.g. “lose the grain”) which it doesn’t make sense to add to each individual frame.

Would it be possible to have an area for global notes for each Storyboard (and for each Project too?) rather than only on the individual frames?

At the moment the only thing we can think of is adding General Notes to the first frame, but this is a bit of a work-around and it would be great to have a neat solution.

Finally, just wanted to say thanks for producing such an excellent tool. We keep discovering new features that have massive potential to improve our workflow - really looking forward to seeing how it develops.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this, Colin!

This is a really interesting idea and it’s one that’s been requested a few times in the past too. I’ll run this past the rest of the team to discuss :blush:

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Brilliant. Thanks for getting back to us so quickly!

…just another example for reference. We’re user testing some of the films at the moment and we need the users to answer a series of questions e.g.

“What do you think of the character designs?”
“How was the pacing?”

It would be great if we could put these general questions somewhere at the top of the board, in a way that the users can see, and respond with comments to. The workaround is to just add a blank frame for it, but inevitably that messes up the animatic system a bit…

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