What's your own storyboarding process?


Since we have this new forum to chat about all things Boord related. I thought I’d ask what everyone’s storyboarding process is.

I head up a small UK animation Studio, so the majority of our storyboards will go through a few rounds of client review. Depending on the client, budget, timeframe and intended look we adapt the quality of illustrations as needed, from very rough to near final artwork. To ensure a balance between quick production and quick approval.

For projects that will involve filming or product/character based animation. We create illustrations using ProCreate (superb app) on an iPad Pro with the apple Pencil, save to Dropbox, (possibly tweak in Photoshop on a Mac) and upload to Boords.

For projects that are more visual FX based (i.e. grids, nodes, techy dotty globes etc). We will create realistic mockup stills using Adobe After Effects, using the same effects plugins we’d use for the intended final animation. We’d save out still images (The free plugin, ‘FX console’ from Video Co-Pilot makes saving stills super quick). Then upload to Boords.

What’s your preferred process?


That’s interesting, thanks for sharing.The After Effects Mock Ups are a cool idea. Drawing those would be a huge time drain!

My process is usually …

  1. Thumbnail sketches on paper storyboards
  2. Neater sketches Photoshop using the artboards tool and a Wacom Cintiq pen. Export and upload to Boords.
  3. Send the client them to review along with an animatic made in AE using the Boords plugin.
  4. Once the client signs off, then I illustrate them properly based on the signed off style frames. Export from Ai or PS and upload to Boords.
  5. Sign off then the illustrated boards are used as assets in After Effects :slight_smile:
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